The Inspector is an internal tool that we have build at teleportHQ in order to analyse and collect high volumes of deep data metrics about how websites are build and behave for different screen sizes. The collected data is used to improve our automated code generation capabilities.

We are taking the website’s layout metrics directly from its rendered DOM tree, a method which offers a higher accuracy than just parsing the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.

A byproduct of this effort are some very interesting visualisations of a website’s layout architecture. We thought they could be useful for many other uses cases and, therefore, we decided to share some of them with the community.

We’re inviting you to inspect some of your preferred websites and to let us know what you think. We’re open to improvements, new metrics or visualizations suggestions as well as collaboration proposals.

Feel free to contact us by mail at hello[at] or by writing us on Twitter.

The loading time may differ based on the complexity of the website.

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